Zombie Omens: What Dreams Are Made Of

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Yes, this is long, but if you value my life you will read it.
So I'm having the strangest dream that involves spirits and zombies. I'm in an unfamiliar old house, with familiar people surrounding me (mi familia), and there seems to be some kind of malevolent spirit present. The spirit first shapes itself into a small rodent, which alerts my dog in the dead of night. We go chasing after the rodent and it appears that she has picked up the scent from behind a bedroom door. It's dark and I can hear her scratching at the door, then yelping and running back to me. When she comes into the light, I am horrified to see that my dog's face is all bloody and her nose and one eye are missing! So now I'm uber-pissed and set on defeating this bitch of a spirit (I sensed that it was female in nature). To protect itself and make it harder for me to attack her, the spirit proceeds to jump into the bodies of my family members, turning most of them into menacing puppets. My sister was the leader of them all. Obviously this spirit underestimated me because I begin to chop up my family members one by one. They were demon possessed after all. While I'm at it, though, I have the idea to drug my mother and one of my aunts. I figured the spirit would bypass them being uninterested in human bodies that weren't functioning properly to begin with. Therefore, the Spirit Voted Least Likely to Plan Ahead runs out of bodies to inhabit and rises to the ceiling, floating there as a useless mass.
It's daylight now, and set on reviving my mother and aunt I somehow gain a new level of strength allowing me to lift my mother all the way to the car parked outside. When I return to the house, my aunt is missing, but so is the spirit and the bodies I had defeated! At this point I'm just concerned about my mother, but look who's blocking the front door: my gang-leading sister. Only now she's a complete zombie and reeeeaalllyyy evil. I could tell because her hair had turned blond and that's just unnatural. She tells me to give up and I start whining about how unfair this was seeing as how I had already considered myself the winner. Nevertheless, I'm willing to keep fighting, and as I'm lifting my axe into the air, a little boy with curly hair runs to my side. Apparently, I had a son now. I can't bring myself to display such violence in front of him (a touching Kill Bill moment), so I tell my zombie sister to meet me outside. Once there, I see all the other family members I had sliced and diced, waiting to eat me (which kinda hurt my feelings). Suddenly, a skinny man dressed in all black comes out of nowhere and kidnaps my son from the house! So I'm running after this man as he literally flies away with my little boy. Once they disappear, I just stand there looking up at the sky in horror...
Then the weirdest thing happened: As I'm waking up from my dream, I hear a male voice speaking to me in a throaty, slightly robotic tone. You know how those demons in films always sound as if they have three voices speaking at once? That's how he sounded, and what's worse is that there was a strange keyboard accompaniment that began and ended every time he spoke. His message to me:

You wander in your mind and this will cause great weight to you

You wonder in your mind and this will cause great purpose too

Without a place to start

But you must play your part

For your confused poet nature will bring success to you

Now someone please tell me what that meant? It doesn't seem ominous on its own, but if only you could have heard it. It was like a demonic hip-hop slash radio broadcast alert composition. And what is a confused poet nature? The fact that this rhymes also adds to the freakishness. Did this come from my own mind or was it a message from a demon god? And if this was an omen from a demon god, was his goal to enlighten or further confuse me?